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Fullmoon Store

Get your Windows Phone app with Fullmoon Store

Get your Windows Phone app with Fullmoon Store

The NEW way to download & install* your favourite apps on your Windows Phone device**.

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  • Can I get the Store on my phone?

    Your phone needs to have its bootloader unlocked (also called - jailbroken) and Root Access enabled/XAPLoad unlocked in order to sideload apps to your Windows Phone. You can check awesome guides on how to jailbreak and then deploy apps to your phone by checking out guides created by the Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia) community on Telegram. Now available for participating communities.

  • How can I add an app to the Store?

    Shoot us an email at [email protected] or contact Chris Park (project manager of Fullmoon Store for Windows Phone) via Telegram. Application developers can also submit their apps and later on update them.

  • Fullmoon & its responsibilities

    Fullmoon or any of its partners do not and cannot take responsibility for doing advanced changes to your device such as bootloader unlocking and enabling root access. You are responsible for your own device.

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**Works great on

Fullmoon Store works the best on Windows Phone 8.1 and is unnavailable on Windows Phone 7 series and Windows Phone 8.0. Windows 10 Mobile users can download and install the app via Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1, however support might not be provided. Your device must be bootloader unlocked and have Root Access enabled/XAPLoad unlocked.

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