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Getting started

You're about to download and install Fullmoon Store for Windows Phone! Before you do that, let's go over the preparations and guide. Remember that Fullmoon or any of its partners do not and cannot take responsibility for doing advanced changes to your device such as bootloader unlocking and enabling root access. You are responsible for your own device.


What you must have:

  1. a jailbroken (bootloader unlocked and root access enabled/xapload unlocked) Windows Phone 8.1 device;
  2. CMD injected via CMD Injector;
  3. a Windows 8.1 or newer PC;
  4. internet access;
  5. to get access to the geo-beta your community needs to participate in it.

If you didn't jailbreak your device, you need to do so, by following the guide created by Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia) community on Telegram*. You can find the guides here. Follow the jailbreaking guide and then the "How to Deploy Applications" guide.** If you have jailbroken your phone but haven't injected CMD, you can do that by downloading and sideloading CMD Injector.***


The geo-beta testing period is currently open. Select communities joined to allow their members to participate in the beta. Please visit this article to check if your community is participating in the geo-beta. You can download the latest version by visit this page - apollo.fullmoon.dev/product/install.

Installing the app

Now that you have unlocked your device and downloaded the app, we can get to installing!

  1. Open "Windows Phone Application Deployment 8.1" on your desktop.
  2. Click browse and select the APPXBundle file of Fullmoon Store.
  3. Hit deploy and wait for the process to finish. Remember to keep the screen on and unlocked while deploying it.
  4. Once done, you now have Fullmoon Store on your phone!

Using Fullmoon Store

Fullmoon Store is separated into categories. When opening the Store you'll see categories like featured, social media, utilities and more. Each app is categorised. Tap the icon of the app to show the details. You'll find the name, creator, a short description, the version and size all there.

If you want to download and install**** the app, tap the download button on the app bar. When downloaded, you'll see an alert. As of Beta, the app will download the XAP and guide you on how to install the app with CMD Injector's PacMan.

Features and design not final. Subject to changes.

**Do NOT install phone updates after you unlocked, your phone will enter the state of bootlooping.
***Disclaimer: Author does not take responsibility for any damage of the phone caused by the app. You are using this app solely at your own risk. Fullmoon does not take any responsibility as well.
****Automatic app installing coming soon.

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