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How do I join?

You have to open the debug menu in the downloaded build first. To bring up the debug menu:

  • For computer users (Mac/PC), press the Tilde key “~”
  • For mobile users (iOS/Android), hold your thumbs on the top right-hand corner and bottom left-hand corner of the screen at the same time

Once the debug menu is visible, you’ll see several hexagonal shapes. These are your menu options! They will look like this:

Debug Mode

You only need to click Network.
In it, change those links:

Network → Island News → waddlepenguins.me/news

  • Changes the Island News link to our blog.

Network → Web Services → Account → api.waddlepenguins.me/mix
  • This will make you able to log in to your WPI Account and/or create one.

Network → Web Services → Game → api.waddlepenguins.me
  • This will make you able to see your friends in-game.

Network → Web Services → Login Part 2 → api.waddlepenguins.me
  • This makes you able to log in.

Network → Web Services → Login → api.waddlepenguins.me
  • Makes you able to log in.

After you change those things, please click the X and restart the game.
Then click “Create an account”1 and follow the instructions.
When you're finished, an error may show up. Ignore it and restart the game.
Log in and play with your friends online!



1You cannot use an offline mode / Club Penguin Island Account with Waddle Penguins Island.

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